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I became an accidental traveller to America and Canada along with my clichéd ideas of the States. A large part of my enjoyment of this trip came from discovering the reality of life in these exciting countries. Amidst the cacophony of human life, there were some beautiful moments and spaces of stillness, quiet and peace. The images in this collection reflect the synergies that are to be found throughout the east coasts of America and Canada.

I found travelling there to be a joy. The people were universally hospitable and I felt right at home in this “anything is possible” world. Free to relax and observe, I made the most of the rich, visual feast. Ever since I first saw a photograph of the Guggenheim Museum I have wanted to see the magnificent building and its treasures.



As an artist I was humbled and awe-inspired by human creativity. This feeling was reinforced when confronted with the sheer physical presence of the natural landscapes in their diversity and power.

The photographs in this collection were captured using traditional photographic techniques with colour negative film and processed and printed by myself in 1995. I have since scanned and prepared the digital files utilising current professional equipment and software (Adobe Photoshop®).

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