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I enjoy nothing more than a meal with family & friends. The melding of colour, flavours and textures appeals to my senses.

My family’s enjoyment for gathering with friends for a wonderful meal and laughter developed my passion for food.

In October 2007, I was commissioned by Manuela Requena to produce photographs for her Spanish Recipe book “Sangria - A Recipe for Love”, due for release in 2009.

Manuela is a vibrant and talented Spanish woman, sharing her families passion for sumptuous, beautiful food with the masses.

Collaborating with Manuela, I found to be a uniquely wonderful experience. Her ability to produce enticing food is extraordinary.


I am fascinated with the mixing of colour and flavour to create a “whole” eating experience. Hence my own personal tendancies to “cook by colour”.

Again, I have been fortunate enough to dine at some fine restuarants and am continually in awe of the artistry of many chefs and cooks.

Unfortunately technology does not allow for “smell’n’taste” web sites (yet), so I am not able to share with you the culinary expertise of Manuela. I can only share her vision of her own reciepes. Images from this collection are not avaialble for purchase.

For more of Manuela’s recipes please visit

Bon Appetite.

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